Health and stress avoidance with ergonomic workstations by ELABO

They are one of the most common causes of work incapacity – diseases of the musculoskeletal system, especially the back. About every 11th day of absence in 2017 in Germany could be attributed to this. In total, this amounts to around 60 million days of absence, which means more than € 53 billion in continued salary payments for German employers. And mental illnesses are now also increasingly causing absenteeism. The relevance of ergonomic workplaces should not be underestimated, not least because of the particularly long periods of absence due to these illnesses and the resulting high continued pay.

In many respects, it is therefore worthwhile to make the everyday work of your employees as ergonomic and stress-free as possible. Not only to maintain the health of the employees in the long term, but also to ensure the profitability of the company.

A unique selling point of ELABO is the "SES concept" (Shopfloor Execution System) developed in-house, which combines intelligently designed workplaces (workplace handling) with software tools for process optimization (work step handling). Both workstation and work step handling each include a mix of different solutions, which also always consider aspects of ergonomics.

Workplace handling

How can the workplace be optimally adapted to the employee working there? What working environment does he or she need to find so that he or she feels comfortable and can work efficiently without being too stressed? And which work equipment supports him or her in the best possible way? Workplace handling at ELABO deals with precisely these questions and deals in several respects with the optimum design of the workplace depending on the employee who works

Work step handling

What support can employees be given in view of the accumulation of stress-related absences from work? And how can the employee always work error-free despite high complexity? ELABO provides an answer to these questions in the context of work step handling. Even less qualified or retrained employees are enabled to complete their tasks stress-free, at the first attempt and 100% in line with quality standards. This is an enormous competitive advantage, especially when producing small series with a high level of

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Workplace handling

Workplace handling

The optimal workplace for every employee.  

Work step handling

Work step handling

Stress avoidance through interactive worker guidance.  

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