Hands-on training with ELABO

Classic state-of-the-art laboratory equipment


  • Primus Basic workstations with attached 3HU body
  • Depth slide with 2 x DIN A4 interchangeable frame profiles

  • Safety device at each workstation

  • Mobile work tables for project work

  • DC supply EA

  • Interfaces (LAN, USB, compressed air)

The Primus Basic laboratory benches with attached 3HU structure enable state-of-the-art training. Each table is equipped with a reliable safety device. In addition, the workstations are equipped with depth slides and two DIN A4 interchangeable frame profiles each, which can easily be pushed forward towards the user. Mobile work tables in the center of the room allow flexible training and group work.

Modern and future-oriented training thanks to flexible room concept


  • Primus One® System
  • Multifunctional, mobile work tables
  • Permanently installed base modules with lockable table superstructures with horizontal roller shutters
  • Innovative LED lighting
  • Wooden boards mounted on the base module for wooden board assemblies
  • Integrated cable management

The multifunctional and modern electrical laboratory with the approved Primus One® system enables the implementation of a wide variety of room layouts by means of mobile laboratory tables. The permanently installed base modules are equipped with innovative LED lighting for optimal illumination. The workstations are designed for easy implementation of wooden board assemblies. The wooden boards can be disassembled if necessary and can be attached to the back of the workstation for storage. This state-of-the-art and flexible laboratory meets the highest standards of modern training.
Sketches room layout>>>
Project description>>>

Flexible, multifunctional training


  • Experimental walls
  • Multifunctional, mobile work tables
  • FI Bridge for examination tasks
  • Power supply

A multifunctional and highly flexible classroom creates an optimal learning atmosphere for the trainees. Installation tasks can be carried out while standing, experiments with didactic learning units can be worked on in a laboratory atmosphere thanks to the mobile table systems.

More space for your training


  • TFT lowering unit
  • Primus One workstation
  • Equipped with specially marked training panels
  • Interchangeable frame sections with deep slides

The TFT lowering unit guarantees more space for your training. Display screens can be provided for trainees when necessary by using the master raise/lower controls.
The interchangeable frame with deep slides keeps everything well within reach to ensure trainees can work comfortably.

Learning together with others


Tomorrow’s technicians and engineers are learning with ELABO: because ELABO training systems offer a comprehensive range of products and services for vocational and further training in virtually every aspect of electrical and electronic engineering. Training systems from ELABO are used both in corporate and academic vocational training environments. Our customer base includes universities, universities of applied sciences and technical colleges – in Germany and many other countries.

Safety is all-important in training!


Your training supervisor can activate individual devices for trainees depending on their skills and experience. Specific devices can be activated on demand, depending on the task area.

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