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Manual, partly automated and fully automated test systems in accordance with customer specifications.

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Test Systems



Elabo is the technology leader in developing and manufacturing intelligent measurement and test equipment for the electrical industry and electrical occupations.


High-quality devices, software, test systems and furnishings are used for training, research and development, production and quality assurance as well as by customer service departments.


New rules set with the measurement Software Elution®

We have been developing softwares since 1982. From our large experience, our developers are always creating breakthrough products. The software package with Elution® as measurement software and PRODAS as data analysis software, sets new standards for the work place as well as for testing and controlling systems.

The measuremernt software Elabo Elution Device simplifies the testing of electric and electronic components for research and development, production, quality check as service and repair. Besides the electrical measurement, we also provide services for digital and analog signals processing.


An international engineering company

As a measuring equipements manufacturer, we have an extensive distribution and customer service across Germany. Our branches and partners are set up in many European countries. Elabo is also involved in Eastern Europe, North Africa and North America.


Elabo - member of the Euromicron group

The public limited company Euromicron is specialized in network infrastructures for the German market. The group provides comprehensive infrastructure solutions for Germany and other European countries, that are suitable for the communication industry, power transmissions, safety matters and data networks.




ELABO at the Sindex 2018 in Bern
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Minister visits Elabo
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Elabo Smart Industry
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