Entry into digital working environment

ELABO E-Case® – the digital factory in a case

Mobile version of the digitized workstation

The E-Case® offers educational institutions as well as small and medium-sized companies the opportunity to test Industry 4.0 with the help of practical examples. The advantages of smart industry-based processes can be experienced and trainees can learn how to use Industry 4.0 in a playful way. Companies are given the opportunity to study the advantages of digitization by means of typical internal processes. Since a deeper understanding of Industry 4.0 is taught in the process, employees can also be relieved of a possible fear of change.

Experimenting with software-supported work in a playful way

The basic version of the software contains a prepared individual digital assistance (worker guidance) including suitable device parameterization.  The Pick-by-Light function provides additional support for the user by displaying the correct material container by means of a light signal parallel to the respective work step. In addition, the RFID cards can be assigned a function that is automatically started by reading them – for example, opening assembly instructions.

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