Control stations

ELABO Primus process control workstations are a modular system for modern control rooms and centres.

Our solutions are designed to be ergonomic, flexible and modular.

ELABO’s range of control stations extends from functional basic tables through to height-adjustable control stations and monitor walls. Professional integration of technical units has been one of ELABO’s strengths from day one. Whether you simply need a built-in phone or want the entire control system for an airlock installed as a user-friendly interface.
ELABO solutions are always individual and of a high technical standard.

ELABO’s customer-specific solutions are always offered to the very highest technical standards. Distractions at work can frequently result in tragedy, especially for monitoring operations. Accordingly, a wide range of issues need to be considered when designing a control room. Often, it’s the small details that count – and it’s good when furniture meets these high standards. Control rooms are often the ‘beating heart’ of a company, where high-performance systems need to be matched by appealing design. ELABO’s range proves that no compromises need to be made with control centres.

ELABO offers its customers made-to-measure solutions and a comprehensive portfolio of services for control rooms and process control rooms. The ‘building block’ system used also means that components can be adjusted or expanded easily to accommodate changes. The necessary technical systems are intelligently integrated into the base unit and equipped with a quick locking system. This offers direct access in the event of a service callout.