The digital factory in a case

Experience the digitization for manual work steps with practical examples using our E-Case®. With the factory in a case, ELABO offers educational institutions and medium-sized companies a playful introduction to digitization. Data management, mastering complexity and quality management are taught in an understandable way.

By using the ELABO E-Case®, the user learns how to use an individual digital assistant (worker guidance) and recognises the many advantages it offers a company. The E-Case® introduces users to RFID and pick-by-light systems and trains them in the use of automated measuring and testing technology. The E-Case® also teaches how to record individual steps and create a test document.

  • Elution® Software Training Essentiell
  • Multimeter for current, voltage, resistance and temperature measurement
  • DC-power supply unit
  • Pick by Light with 4 boxes
  • RFID card reader

DC-power supply unit

Output voltage

2 x 0...30 V

Setting resolution

10 mV

Output current

2 x 0...2 A

Setting resolution

1 mA


120 W

Ripple of the output voltage

typ. 0,75 mV eff max. 1 mV

Mains voltage

230 V +/- 10 %, 49 - 61 Hz


DC voltage

200 mV, 2 V, 20 V, 200 V, 1000 V

Overload protection

bis max. 1000 V

AC voltage (effective value)

200 mV, 2 V, 20 V, 200 V, 750 V

Overload protection

bis max. 750 V

Direct current

200 µA, 2 mA, 20 mA, 200 mA, 2 A, 20 A

Alternating current (effective value)

200 µA, 2 mA, 20 mA, 200 mA, 2 A, 20 A


200 Ohm, 2 kOhm, 20 kOhm, 200 kOhm, 2 MOhm, 20 MOhm

Maximum permitted measuring voltage

230 V AC

Temperature measurement

-100...+250 °C

Frequency measurement

0...50 kHz

Diode measurement

Grundgenauigkeit: 0,05 %

Surrounding temperature

0...40 °C


230 V / AC 50 Hz, 200 mA

  • 3 x RFID cards
  • 3 x fire alarms for the provided worker assistance
  • Safety laboratory cables (red & black)
  • Safety electrical clamps
  • Network cable
  • Power supply cable

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