G8 combi-tester from the BestPerformancePlus series
G8 combi-tester from the BestPerformancePlus series – Application example test mobile | Picture credits: ELABO GmbH

++ New: G8 combi-tester from the BestPerformancePlus series ++

All-in-one solution for reliable functional and safety testing in one device

The new G8 combi-tester is part of the new series of BestPerformancePlus devices. These extend the well-proven BestPerformance devices by two additional functions: On the one hand a functional test (voltage, current and power measurement) and on the other hand a continuity test with 24 V AC.

The new G8 combi-tester thus combines reliable PE conductor measurement, insulation resistance measurement, continuity and function test with voltage normalization as well as a high-voltage test in one device. This last test is possible for AC or DC, depending on the type of device. A functional test can be performed up to 16 A / 4000 VA.

Combined test unit G8-1A / G8-1M (DC)>>>
Combined test unit G8-1G / G8-1T (AC)>>>

The G8 combi-tester allows flexible use in both manual and automated systems. For use in automated systems, the instrument can be upgraded with a comprehensive Elution® software package including SQL database. A scratch-resistant and high-contrast touch display allows manual use. An open Ethernet interface offers the possibility for integration into computer-controlled applications.

The G8 combi-tester can be used in 19" system control cabinets as well as in a housing.

ELABO's measuring and testing devices impress with their wide range of possible applications, their robustness and flexibility. Solutions tailored precisely to the needs of our customers and the best possible combination of the latest technologies, optimum user-friendliness and perfect ergonomics are the hallmarks of ELABO measuring and testing instruments.

G8 combi-tester from the BestPerformancePlus series

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