Combined test units G8-1G / G8-1T


BestPerformancePlus unit series

The G8 combi-tester is part of the new series of BestPerformancePlus devices. These extend the well-proven BestPerformance devices by two additional functions: On the one hand a functional test (voltage, current and power measurement) and on the other hand a continuity test with 24 V AC.

Combined AC test unit (HV AC)

The G8 combi-tester thus combines reliable PE conductor measurement, insulation resistance measurement, continuity and function test with voltage normalization as well as a high-voltage test in one device. This last test is possible for AC or DC, depending on the type of device. A functional test can be performed up to 16 A / 4000 VA.

The G8 combi-tester allows flexible use in both manual and automated systems. For use in automated systems, the device is equipped with a extensive Elution® software package including SQL database. A scratch-resistant and high-contrast touch display allows manual use. An open Ethernet interface offers the possibility for integration into computer-controlled applications.

The G8 combi-tester can be used in 19" system control cabinets as well as in a housing.

The system is rounded off by accessory components specifically configurable for this model.

With Touch-Panel: G8-1G
Without Touch-Panel: G8-1T

  • 19” slide-in system
  • High-quality metal housing
  • Access lock via configurable password entry stage
  • Service-friendly – can be replaced in just a few steps
  • Interface: Ethernet

Hi-pot testing

0,1 .. 2,50 kV AC floating
0,2 .. 5,0 kV AC floating
10 mA / 100 mA
500 VA

Voltage ramp

User-programmable for start and end of test

Protective conductor

0 .. 1,2 Ω
6 or 12 V AC
5 .. 32 A

Insulation resistance

50 .. 1,2 kV DC earthbound
10 MΩ / 100 MΩ / 1 GΩ

Functional test

ext. 50 .. 300 V
max. 16 A
max. 4000 VA
49 - 61 Hz

Continuity check

max. 24 V
max. 2 A
5 .. 1000 Ω

Nominal capacity

500 VA


Ethernet • Digital interface

Line voltage

230 V, +/−10%; 49 … 61 Hz

Form factor

19” / 8 HU; depth 360 mm

Burn function

Overcurrent tripping can be deactivated for troubleshooting

Additional digital outputs

Six digital outputs for controlling an external switchover matrix

Software package

Elution® Device

  • 19” housing / 4 HU 93-1B
  • Mobile Primus Basic test unit
  • Warning lamp F9-1A
  • Two-hand control F9-1L-01
  • Manual start button F9-1W
  • Test cage 94-3A/B
  • Protective conductor test probe 94-4S
  • Test gun 94-2A Z02m, 1 pc
  • Factory Calibration G8-1G E99
  • Burn extension G8-1G E05