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Installation + Commissioning
A smooth start-up 
for the new use

We do our best to ensure that our clients are able to make use of their investment quickly and experience no complications on the way.  Many products are so simple that you can assemble them yourself quickly and easily.  To assist you in this, we provide easily understandable installation instructions; moreover, various assemblies are pre-assembled. For complex training systems, we recommend entrusting the job to the Elabo installation service.  This is the most convenient way to assure on-time and trouble-free commissioning.  The Elabo installation service will also be glad to assist you in restructuring and relocation.

224 Planung   Planning and preparing for the installation
In discussions with you, we will set a delivery date.  We will determine the conditions on site, such as unloading modalities, the dimensions of doors and staircases, as well as power hook-ups and, if needed, compressed air connections at the installation site, along with any other things.

224 Vormontage   Pre-assembly and on-site installation
The products will be pre-assembled at Elabo; this way assemblies and plug-in modules can be wired and tested.  Then they need only be centrally connected. We pack them in appropriate units (by room, etc.) so that set-up is facilitated. This means taking up the least amount of the client's time on site. The products or system are set up at the client's premises by trained installers from Elabo or by experienced partner companies throughout Europe.

224 Inbetriebnahme   Commissioning
Elabo training systems are tested at the defined installation site for quality and functionality.  The  acceptance protocol is documented. Elabo itself takes responsibility for the start-up at the destination location and frees its customers from all risks (keyword: transfer of risk).

224 Training   Training of instructors
Last but not least, if requested, we can train the users in the use of the system as part of the commissioning. In addition, we instruct the client's employees who will be responsible for care and maintenance of the system.