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Power supply systems
Multifunction lab power supply systems
with arbitrary function

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Special features


  • Master-slave operation
  • Parallel operation (0-4A)
  • Serial operation (0-60V)
  • Tracking operation (±30V)
  • Pre-defined curve progressions for sinus, square, triangle, sawtooth, PWM
  • Arbitrary function for free programming of voltage and current progressions
  • Output limitation, password protected
  • Pre-definable power-on values
  • Ethernet and USB interface


Operating modes


The different operating modes of dual-output power supplies offer the option
to control the output voltage of Part 2 as a function (0-100%) of Part 1,
while complying with all control characteristics. Output voltage
in serial and parallel operation is drawn from the left channel.

  • Master – Slave operation
    Both power modules are galvanically separated from one another, but are controlled together.
  • Parallel operation
    Both power modules are switched in parallel mode internally so that the double output power can be drawn from the output terminals of Power Module 1.

  • Serial operation
    Both power modules are switched in serial mode internally. The double output power can be drawn from the respective external terminals.

  • Tracking operation
    Both power modules are switched in serial mode internally so that, with reference to the two terminals in the middle, plus (+30V)  or minus  (-30V) voltage can be taken.

Power supply with measuring function

Elabo power supplies, in addition to providing power, are also perfectly suited for precisely measuring actual values. Power and voltage values are measured at intervals of 50ms and can be read out via the interface in the device.


Device limitation


Output voltage and output power can be limited via remote control or also in local mode. This is particularly helpful in training and for protecting sensitive components. Such settings are password protected.


Arbitrary function


The lab power supplies have an arbitrary function that allows to program and execute pre-determined functions or freely definable voltage and power progressions.
The following functions can be selected:
- Sinus
- Square
- Triangle
- Sawtooth





The freely programmable mode allows to program up to 6 progressions of 99 supports each. In this mode one always pre-sets the start value and end value for power and voltage, and also the duration.
In automatic units and encoder versions the arbitrary function can only be used via the interface.



Device overview


Power class 120W 120W 300W 600W
Channel 2 2 1 1

Voltage 2x 0…30V 2x 0…30V 0…30V 0…60V
Current 2x 0…2A 2x 0…2A 0…10A 0…10A

Dimensions 3HU/42 HP 6HE/2 WU 3HE/66 HP 6HE/2 WU


Automation 45-6R - 45-6G -
Encoder 45-7R 34-7T 45-7G 34-7L
Touch 45-8R 34-8T 45-8G 34-8L