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Rollout of seat functionality testing system


This PC-controlled testing system automates the process of testing the functionality of high-quality vehicle seats, including such functions as seat occupancy recognition, automated height adjustment, lordotic supports (lumbar support cushion), seat ventilation and heating.

Funktionsprüfsystem für Fahrzeugsitze ausgeliefert

The system consists of a testing rack featuring these integrated components:

Servo-linear unit with 4 presses for test seat surface load testing

Force measurement apparatus for load testing

2 displacement measurement units for lordotic cushion testing

Operation unit for test seat controls

Handling device for positioning and securing test units


Control cabinet with:

Servo controls for load press linear units

ELABO 90-3K Z501 resistance measuring device

ELABO 90-3R Z501 power measuring module

Interface area with Wago bus terminals

ELABO switching matrix for hooking up measurement modules to test units


Industrial PC Pentium 4 2.8 GHz, 19"/4HE

Control panel with 17" TFT display, PC keyboard, touchpad, hot buttons and

indicator lights

Barcode scanner

Pneumatic system controlled via valve islands


The system is 100% computerised. Testing processes and parameters are set and saved within test plans which are freely configurable to adapt to any task. The testing system is operated entirely via a graphic ELABO Windows interface.


Loading the test adapter:

Due to their weight, vehicle seats are mounted manually onto an adapter sled using an elevating apparatus. Four journals are deployed to ensure correct positioning. The sled is equipped with two proximity sensors to detect the presence of test units. After proper mounting, the system automatically secures the seat to the sled using four cylinders. The operator adapts the test seat electrically and scans its barcode. The system loads the corresponding testing plan and releases the sled. The operator slides the sled manually into the interior of the testing system. Once in testing position, the system automatically secures the sled and starts the testing process. The testing sequence is carried out in accordance with the parameters set for the testing plan.

Funktionsprüfsystem für Fahrzeugsitze ausgeliefert

Testing options:

In testing seat occupancy recognition functionality, rounded presses place a preset amount of pressure on seat surfaces. This simulates seat occupancy by an actual person. The system subjects the seat surface to predefined levels of force, measuring, monitoring and evaluating the resistance of the switching network within the seat on an ongoing basis.

Funktionsprüfsystem für Fahrzeugsitze ausgeliefert

Lordotic support testing checks the lower and upper lordotic cushions via displacement measurement. The system puts the displacement measurement device into a starting position in contact with the back rest with the use of pneumatic cylinders. The seat then fills the lordotic cushions. This displaces the displacement measurement device by a predetermined amount as a "minimum clearance move".


Functionality testing for automated seat positioning provides for ongoing monitoring and evaluation of electrical current (I) and force (F) measurement data.


In fan/heating functionality testing, the amount of electricity used is measured and evaluated in relation to minimum and maximum values predefined in the testing plan. Functionality of both fan and heating may be tested.

Funktionsprüfsystem für Fahrzeugsitze ausgeliefert

A special pneumatic operational unit provides automated activation of the various seat switches as required.


The system displays onscreen current testing status, preset parameters and actual values being recorded. This keeps the operator informed at all times of the progress of testing and test unit results being obtained.


ELABO's own software specialists developed the software, which they optimise according to individual customer requests and requirements.

Funktionsprüfsystem für Fahrzeugsitze ausgeliefert

This high-performance ELABO software package was developed using the up-to-date, object-oriented language C#, thus making use of all the advantages offered by the Windows .NET framework. The software allows for the simple and easy administration of testing plans, measurement values and statistics. Detailed testing protocols may be printed out for each individual unit under testing, and results transmitted to the customer's computing network online.



Source: Elabo GmbH

Author: Christian H. Bunke / Michael Posovszky


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