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Test station provides fully automated test process


A fully automatic test system for medical products has been handed over to the customer. With this computer-controlled function and safety test system ceramics kilns of a leading manufacturer for dental laboratories will be tested in detail.

Teststation für vollautomatischen Prüfablauf

The system consists of a universal tester in a 19"/25 HU system rack and a test cabinet 94-3B ZM85980. The test cabinet is equipped with a pneumatical activated glass door and a telescopic shelf with integrated test fixture. The device under test is connected inside the test cabinet by its line cord and additional patch cords to the test system.


The models 90-1K, 90-2E, 90-2A and 90-2GZ were chosen form the wide range of ELABO test units and were modified according to the customer specifications. The operator can perform the PE-test manually by using the test probe or this test can be done fully automatic by using the internal connecting cables. All other tests are carried out automatically by using the line cord.

The testing system is entirely computer-controlled, with a graphic user interface using Windows 2000 Professional. Operation of the system during the tests is computer-guided. Loading the individual software components (testing program, test schedule administration, user administration etc.) is carried out menu-driven. The tester's name and password are requested at system boot up sequence to protect against unauthorised use. The testing system can be adapted to deal with new or modified products by using updated test schedules. The reference parameters of the item to be tested can be freely set within predetermined limits.




Protective earth tester, type 90-2A:

Max. output voltage 12 V

Test current adjustable 10 - 27 A

Measuring range 0 - 300 mOhm


Isolation tester, type 90-2E:

Test voltage 10 - 500 V DC

Measuring range 0 - 100 MOhm

The limit value Rmin is stored at the test plans.


High voltage test, type 90-1K:

High voltage 0 - 5 kV AC

During the high voltage test the actual voltage is compared currently with the nominal voltage and readjusted in case of a difference. If the actual voltage is out of range (+10/-5%), the test run will be terminated and a error signal is displayed (U < Umax).

Tripping current adjustable 0 - 100 mA


Leakage current test at single phase loads, Type 90-2GZ:

Test voltage: mains voltage + 0 - 30V via internal transformer unit

Test current max. 15A Frequency 50 - 400Hz

Measuring ranges 1 mA / 10 mA

Measuring methods A1 /A2 and B


Function test at single phase loads:

Power measurement 0 - 3750W

Current measurement 0 - 15A

Voltage measurement 0 - 280V



Source: elabo GmbH

Author: Christian H. Bunke / Michael Posovszky


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