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"Touch Functions"


Based on the intuitive operating system of the successful Smart DC power supplies as well as the versatile Best Performance safety testing devices, ELABO is now also offering a function generator with integrated frequency and event counter.




































The function generator is controlled exclusively via touch screen or Ethernet/USB interface. The display shows the user only data relevant to the user’s needs at that moment, ensuring that operation is simple and intuitive.
The generator is not only capable, but also versatile: in addition to the usual signals such as sine, square-wave, triangular, impulse, and DC, users may select from a variety of modulation types:
- Frequency sweep (sweep, wobble)
- Amplitude ramp / offset ramp
- Pulse width modulation
These modulation types may be selected internally or externally.
The Smart FG offers another useful feature: a frequency and event counter.
The corresponding mode counts either frequencies up to 30 MHz or ongoing events.
It goes without saying that the Smart FG is integrated into the powerful, comprehensive Elabo Elution Software Paket . This software permits the easy programming and documentation of testing and measurement routines.
Further information and technical specifications for the Smart FG may be found in the product sheet.



"Touch Functions"

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