Training systems range

ELABO is your trusted partner for training facility set-up in the wide-ranging field of electrical and electronic engineering. As early as the conceptual phase, we are already providing our customers with comprehensive expert advice and services – which go a long way to ensuring the final training model is both effective and innovative. Honed to precision, our products then help tutors every step of the way in designing their lessons to help students make the best of their potential. We also make every effort to ensure that products remain highly cost-effective for our customers even into the long term.

  • 3 RU systems 
  • Fuse and contactor modules
  • 1-/3-phase AC power supplies
  • Variable AC power supplies
  • Fixed DC power supplies
  • Variable DC power supplies
  • Measuring/signalling equipment
  • Pneumatic subsystem
  • Interfaces
  • Soldering system

Fuse and contactor modules

Residual-current circuit breakers

Type A and Type B

Electric current types

Three-phase and alternating current, remote-controlled voltage selection

1-/3-phase AC power supplies

Various take-off options

Electric current types three-phase and alternating current
  • 6,12,18,24,42V / 3A
  • 2,4,6,8,10,12V / 3A
  • 230 V / 110 VA
  • 230 V / 230 VA
  • 50 Hz / 230/400 V 
  • 50 Hz 230/400 V 16A

Variable AC power supply

Electric voltage types direct and alternating voltage
  • 0 … 260 V eff, 3 A or 0…50 V eff, 10 A
  • 2 … 260 V, 2 A
  • 0 … 2 A, 2 A earthed

Fixed DC power supply

Switching power supply
  • 5 V/5 A
  • +/−15 V/2 A
  • 24 V/6 A

Variable DC power supply

DC constant

2x 0 … 30 V/2x 0 … 2 A (can be controlled by Elution® software)

DC constant configurable

2x 0 … 30 V/2x 0 … 2 A (can be controlled by Elution® software), 0 … 30 V/0 … 2 A

Measuring/signalling equipment

Continuity tester, smart multimeter, function generator, oscilloscope

Pneumatic subsystem

Compressed air supply

NW 5 1/8”, 0.5 … 10 bar


LPT: 25-pin, COM/RS-232: 9- and 25-pin, VGA: 15-pin, DVI-I, USB, PS/2, audio L/R, FireWire, RJ45, network, S-VHS, IEEE–488/GPIB, BNC, POAG–ID 6, safety lab sockets

Soldering system

  • Soldering irons
  • Measuring leads

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