Hygienic panel

made of acrylic glass, transparent

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With the ELABO hygienic panel, you protect your employees from the spread of viruses between workstations.

This is particularly recommended in the SARS-CoV-2 occupational safety standard of the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs.

The hygienic panel is suitable for rear attachment to the ELABO Primus One® and Primus Basic Profiles. Alternatively the profiles can be retrofitted to your workstations. In this way you can upgrade them in the long term. The profiles are equipped according to the customer's individual requirements at your workstations. We will be happy to advise you on this. 
The ELABO hygienic panel is made of durable acrylic glass. It is easy to clean and impresses with its plain design. Thanks to its rear attachment to the system profiles, there is no need for any disturbing brackets or support feet. This leaves your work surface free.

Hygienic panels for lateral attachment at the workplace are also available on request.

  • Available in the following dimensions:
    W = 1196 mm, H = 400 mm, S = 8 mm (Art. Nr. SC-VS.B1200)
    W = 1496 mm, H = 400 mm, S = 8 mm (Art. Nr. SC-VS.B1500)
    W = 1596 mm, H = 400 mm, S = 8 mm (Art. Nr. SC-VS.B1600)
    W = 1796 mm, H = 400 mm, S = 8 mm (Art. Nr. SC-VS.B1800)
    W = 1996 mm, H = 400 mm, S = 8 mm (Art. Nr. SC-VS.B2000)
  • Acrylic glass, transparent
  • 4 x Drilling
  • Incl. assembly material
Hygienic panel

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