ESD chair Tec 800 BS2

Synchronous technology with seat tilt and seat depth adjustment

The Tec 800 BS2 ESD chair is equipped with soft, conductive rollers for hard floors and a base made of polished, conductive aluminium. The BS2 synchronous technology with seat tilt adjustment by 5° and seat depth adjustment by 5 cm allows for an optimally ergonomic sitting posture. The seat height is adjustable between 44 cm and 60 cm. You can adjust the height of the backrest, which tapers upwards, by 7 cm. This swivel chair is delivered fully assembled.

  • ESD-swivel chair for healthy sitting
  • AGR-certified
  • Seat-technique: BS2 synchronous mechanism with seat tilt (-5°) and seat depth adjustment (5 cm)
  • Cover: Conductive, Faux leather black
  • Seat height: 44-60 cm, safety gas spring
  • Permitted weight load: 120 kg
  • Backrest: Tapered upwards, 7 cm height adjustable
  • Base: P, aluminium polished, conductive
  • Rollers: Soft rollers for hard floors, conductive (optionally for soft floors)

The friction of plastic rollers on synthetic floor coverings generates static electricity. With a normal chair, this can discharge on the product or on the user, who experiences small but unpleasant electric shocks. ESD chairs and related products are fully conductive, so the static electricity is discharged directly into the floor. ESD chairs are therefore indispensable in the production and assembly of electronic components, as static discharges on components can cause major damage.

  • Fabric black (Order no. S8-E8.BSBK)
  • Fabric black, with armrests (Order no. S8-E8.BSBK_A)
  • Fabric blue-corinth (Order no. S8-E8.BSBU)
  • Fabric blue-corinth, with armrests (Order no. S8-E8.BSBU_A)
  • Fabric dark blue-indigo (Order no. S8-E8.BSDB)
  • Fabric dark blue-indigo, with armrests (Order no. S8-E8.BSDB_A)
  • Faux leather black (Order no. S8-E8.BSIL)
  • Faux leather black, with armrests (Order no. S8-E8.BSIL_A)
  • PU black (Order no. S8-E8.BSPU)
  • PU black, with armrests (Order no. S8-E8.BSPU_A)

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