Insulation test module

0,05 kV (DC) ... 1,20 kV (DC) / 100 kΩ ... 10 GΩ

The ELABO Smart Testing Modules have been developed to enable the performance of rapid, high-precision safety testing – especially in automation engineering. All parameters can be programmed via an Ethernet interface. Corresponding driver modules simplify integration with existing systems.

  • Self-sufficient measuring module for universal use in automated systems
  • Prepared for integration in control cabinets or test units
  • Provided flaps allow easy installation of the modules
  • All connections are pluggable
  • Device drivers available in C # for Application Programming (.NET Framework 4.6.2)
  • Integrated in a high-quality metal housing

Resistance measurement range

100 kΩ … 10 GΩ (fixed measuring range or automatic adjustment)

Test voltage

50 V (DC) … 1200 V (DC)

Output power

1 W, max. current 1 mA (DC)

Test voltage progress

Voltage curves with max. 10 bases definable

  • Mains connection cable with GST18 connector and safety plug, length 2 m
  • Network cable (RJ45), length 2 m