Test units HighPerformance F7-1B / F7-1N


HighPerformance unit series

Modular and user-friendly. The multi-coloured touch panel enables ergonomic operation of the test units, which are equipped with a serial RS-232-C port as standard (optionally available: Ethernet or USB). All units are also available without a control module for easy integration with automated systems.

Modular combined test unit

Depending on the model and feature set, this device variant enables the configuration of a test system for manual or automated protective conductor continuity testing, insulation resistance testing and hi-pot testing of systems, parts and components.

With Touch-Panel: F7-1B
Without Touch-Panel: F7-1N

  • 19” slide-in system
  • High-quality metal housing
  • Access lock via configurable password entry stage
  • Service-friendly – can be replaced in just a few steps
  • Interfaces: RS-232; Ethernet or USB as alternatives

Test voltage

100 … 2,500 VAC, 200 … 5,000 VAC, 200 … 3,000 VDC (optional), 300 … 6,000 VDC (optional)

Voltage ramp

User-programmable for start and end of test

Protective conductor

0 … 1.2 Ω; 6 or 12 VAC; 5 … 32 A



Line voltage

230 V, +/−10%; 49 … 51 Hz*

Form factor

19”/6 RU


30 kg

DC voltage

Test voltage: 200 … 3,000/6,000 VDC

Trip current: 0 … 1/10/100 mA

Insulation resistance

0.1 … 1/10/100 MΩ + auto-range

Safety current limiter

<3 mA with AC; <5 mA with DC

Voltage read-back

Module enables four-wire measurement by read-back of test voltage

Burn function

Overcurrent tripping can be deactivated for troubleshooting

Additional digital outputs

6 digital outputs for controlling an external switchover matrix


Alternative interface instead of RS 232-C port


Alternative interface instead of RS 232-C port

Software package

Elution® Device


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