primus two
Design relaunch enables innovative work in the electrical laboratory – primus two | Picture credits: ELABO

primus two

A new evolutionary stage of laboratory work.

The primus two workstation system is a new milestone for work in the electrical laboratory. With a consistent focus on the user, primus two combines all aspects that are important for work in the areas of research and development, training, quality assurance and service: functionality, quality, ergonomics and design.

primus two was developed for innovative people and companies - for those who work and research on the technologies of the future and are not satisfied with the status quo.
The concept of primus two also questions existing conventions and thus stands for the next evolutionary stage of modern laboratory work. More than 50 years of experience give us at ELABO the expertise to combine innovative new developments with the tried and tested. The result: a laboratory workplace that will continue to meet all future requirements.

Breaks with old virtues, keeps what works The primus two workstation system is the result of decades of experience in the development and use of laboratory workstations. Robust quality, ergonomic working and well thought-out design - this is what our products have always been known for. With its fundamental reorientation, primus two raises these values to a new level.

Ergonomics rethought
With the main base operating console, primus two brings the operating elements closer to the user. They are located directly above the optional motorized height-adjustable table top. The advantage: All frequently occurring work takes place in the immediate vicinity - tiring adjustments in an elevated position are reduced to a minimum. We want you to be able to continue using your previous standalone measuring and testing devices comfortably. That is why primus two is equipped with height-adjustable flex board shelves. Mounted directly on the control console, they can be individually adjusted to a comfortable height. Using an OPC UA connection simply operate your devices via the Control panel touch screen.

The visual workspace
Your employees spend a lot of time at the laboratory workplace. A harmonious appearance is all the more important. We ensure this with a pleasantly calm design that only puts what is important for the work in the foreground. For permanently connected devices, the corresponding sockets are located out of sight on the back of the main base control panel. According to the motto "out of sight, out of mind", the electrical fuses of the workstation system are hidden behind a cover that can be opened at the push of a button. In order to make the workplace even more inviting, we can equip it with individually designed background panels on request.

You can find more information about the primus two here.

primus two

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