elution factory software

The ELABO elution software package enables you to enter a completely new work environment.

Increasing volume of product variance, smaller series or a shortage of specialists. The demand for cost-efficient and profitable production is constantly increasing.

The elution factory software supports small and medium-sized companies in particular. With elution, you can ensure that your employees can keep an overview even in stressful situations and can concentrate on their core tasks.

Software for

  • controlling your workstations and work steps (workstation and work step handling),
  • integration of measuring, testing and other technical devices,
  • automation of work and testing processes as well as
  • quality assurance through error prevention and error detection.

An overview of the devices with elution connection can be found here.>>>

Navigation for the employee in the product jungle

Worker assistance

elution navigates your employees safely through the process. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, the employee receives the right information at the right time via picture and video and can immediately carry out his tasks stress-free.

Paperless assembly

Assembly instructions, current revision plans, measurement protocols or even the production order. elution helps you eliminate the need for paper and ensures that up-to-date documents are always available. At the same time, elution supports you in preserving knowledge within your company, regardless of the person involved.

Personalized workstation

For optimal results, the workplace should also adapt to the individual employee. Control height or light individually for each person or secure access to equipment according to the ability of the worker.

Keeping complexity under control at all times

Variant management

Increasing variant diversity increases the complexity even of simple products. With its integrated product type and variable management, elution supports numerous product variants with just a few work schedules.

Employee training

The step-by-step instructions also enable new employees to be trained quickly and efficiently. Fewer queries and lower support efforts by experienced employees lead to rapid increases in efficiency.

Product launch

The market requires the constant further development of the products. Even with experienced employees, not all processes are 100% process-safe. If you use elution, the new products will be correctly assembled and tested by every employee right away.

Create and document quality right from the beginning

Quality assurance

With a large number of already integrated measuring instruments, important norm-relevant tests can be performed directly. You can integrate ISO, PE or HV tests into the work process and link the information directly with the digital product file.

Process lock

elution compares the recorded data with the specifications and checks whether it is a good part. If this is not the case, elution can intervene so that no faulty part can leave your production. In this way, elution enables fault-free production.


All data generated during production is stored product- and work-step-related and is documented in an ISO-compliant manner by automated reports and stored in an audit-proof manner. This ensures consistent product data traceability.

Take advantage of the full potential of connected production


The new technologies of Industry 4.0 offer numerous possibilities for connecting your production both horizontally and vertically. Network-capable devices, logistics or robot systems can be integrated to suit your application. In this way, processes can be individually adapted to your needs.


You achieve the full potential by integrating elution into your IT landscape. Your ERP controls the efficient order flow and all data or reports generated on the shop floor can be transferred to your ERP system and stored there.

Process control

Partial automation is state of the art in numerous assembly processes and offers many advantages. Systems such as WLAN screwdrivers, camera systems, measuring devices and many more can be directly controlled in order to automate error-prone, complex or frequently repetitive tasks.

Some functions in detail

Data management

Data management

The ELABO information management system is based on an SQL database to ensure it offers a wide range of options for practical deployment.  

Individual digital assistance (idA)

Individual digital assistance (idA)

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your production employees were highly motivated and worked efficiently while making no errors?  

Variant management

Variant management

Managing an increasing volume of product variance is creating new challenges for the enterprise.  

Quality management

Quality management

ELABO’s software documents all of the work steps so as to ensure that comprehensive analysis options are available later  

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