Zero defect production

ELABO GmbH offers solutions for zero defect production. Worker guiding systems, assistance systems for personnel and made-to-measure assembly control systems are just a few examples here. Also supplemented by optimum variant management. As a 4.0 solution provider, ELABO specialises in data management and Big Data. ELABO also offers solutions for process analysis as well as process management software. Measuring instrument software and measuring software from ELABO works as reliably as the components it supplies for ergonomic production. An ergonomic workstation from ELABO is an essential part of any production line. The company also supplies training workstations, repair workstations and ESD workstations. ELABO offers everything needed for electronics workstations: lab equipment, storage walls and adjustable workbenches. Tabletop units such as the hi-pot test unit or the leakage current test unit are in demand internationally.