Data analysis

Meticulous data analysis is required in order to achieve zero defect production. ELABO is a 4.0 solution provider and supplies the necessary components. As a leading provider of solutions for variant management, process management and traceability (product traceability) ELABO enjoys an excellent international reputation. Big Data is day-to-day business at ELABO. ELABO is also a familiar and trusted provider to the lab equipment segment. Here, the company’s solutions include repair workstations and even storage walls. ELABO equips electrical labs with instruments for protective conductor testing. Also part of the product range: hi-pot test units, leakage current test units and insulation resistance test units. As a specialist, the company can supply any component needed for safety testing as well as for end of line testing. An ESD workstation  (electronics workstation) from ELABO offers an impressive level of robustness and durability.