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ESD – ARTIS trusts in ELABO-individuality


ARTIS GmbH, located in Egestorf near Harburg is specialized in tool- and process-monitoring for metal cutting. In September 2014 ARTIS GmbH, which is member of the MARPOSS group, has moved into the new headquarter building. The international leader has created jobs for 100 employees in the area of 3.600 m².

Artis 500

The production area was equipped by Elabo. 28 ESD-Workplaces- and corner combinations, several tall cabinets and side cabinets were delivered. The matching LED-technology brings light into the new rooms. According to customer’s requirements, the equipment was modified as isle installation and concatenation of tables and side cabinets.

Artis Prozessüberwachung 2

All equipment was carried out as ESD-version. Avoiding ESD-damages by right use of equipment is saving time and money. The electrical components are protected from static discharge – ESD-protection was one of the main demands of ARTIS GmbH. The below photo shows Mr. Stephan Klauck working at his ESD-worktable in the sensor manufacturing area.

Artis Prozessüberwachung 3

Nobert Köster, production manager of ARTIS says:

“The excellent illumination of the worktables by LED-technology enables a more comfortable working on electronic assemblies. The system tables can be customized individually to various demands. Also our inhouse soldering steam extraction was easy to integrate into the new equipment”.

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ESD – ARTIS trusts in ELABO-individuality

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