primus two

Engineered for innovation.

Optimal illumination, a central, multifunctional control, a multitude of connection options, flexible storage surfaces and plenty of space for innovative work – all combined in a modern workplace system made by ELABO.

Individual lighting design

  • The innovative LED lighting provides glare-free and homogeneous illumination of the work surface. It always creates a perfect working atmosphere.
  • 1 x base light and 2 x board light
  • Stepless dimmable from 0..100%
  • Colour temperature adjustable from 3000K to 5000K
  • board light „invisibly“ integrated into the flex board
  • Controllable via the elution two lab

Unrestricted ergonomics

  • main base neat and clearly designed
  • Compact and extremely user-friendly
  • Sufficient free space to work effectively
  • flex board allows variable height adjustment left and right
  • Self supporting board frame ensures maximum stability

All-round safety

  • Modern switch-on panel, clearly arranged and always in the user‘s focus
  • Personal protection systems integrated invisibly but still within reach
  • LED status light

Consistent design

  • Interchangeable light edges on the system profiles and the table edge stand for the elegant design
  • Changeable, ergonomically shaped table edge with innovative colour coding. ESD system tables can for example be equipped with a yellow light edge for clear labelling.
  • The new, timeless design concept from ELABO: Innovative, durable, future-proof and elegant

base control

  • Ultra-compact Single Board Computer with high performance
  • Quad core processor with 1.5 GHz
  • 4 GB RAM
  • USB / LAN interfaces
  • 10.1“ display with 1280 x 800 pixels
  • Touch sensor
  • Chemically hardened and anti-reflective front glass
  • Invisible fastening mechani

power unit

  • power unit with innovative pick-up panel
  • 4.3“ display for showing the current parameters
  • Pick-up sockets with intelligent 4-quadrant RGB LED socket illumina - tion for signalling various operating states
  • Display parameters are assigned to the pick-up sockets directly via the display in a self-explanatory way.
  • The following modules are integrated in the power unit:
    • 3 x DC laboratory power supply unit 48 V / 5 A
    • 2 x highly flexible digital multimeter with parallel current and voltage measurement input
      Voltage range AC / DC: up to 1000 V
      Current measuring range AC / DC: up to 20 A
      Resistance measurement
    • 1 x frequency generator with 40 MHz and frequency counter
  • Chemically hardened and anti-reflective front glass
  • Invisible fastening mechanism 

Innovative laboratory measurement technology with elution two lab

  • Platform-independent software built on micro services and offering a wide range of application possibilities
  • Application-specific configuration of the software interface possible for each user through intuitive dashboarding
  • Browser-based frontend with responsive design and multiple operation function (f. e. computer, tablet, smartphone)
  • Open interface technology for the integration of standard measurement and supply technologies
  • Workplace management with innovative assistance functions

The main base, the innovative central column with multifunctional technology, is available in a central, right-hand or left-hand version.

main base

  • C-foot with electromotive height adjustment
  • 4-leg system table with fixed working height
  • flex board incl. main light

main base left

  • C-foot with motorised height adjustment
  • 4-leg system table with fixed working height
  • Storage element with Orga panel
  • Functional shelf
  • Interchangeable frame profile for didactic systems

main base right

  • C-foot with electromotive height adjustment
  • 4-leg system table with fixed working height
  • Storage element with Orga-Panel
  • Functional shelf
  • Interchangeable frame profile for didactic systems
  • base panel (individually printable rear panel)
  • Base units and mobile pedestals
  • ESD version
  • 3 HU or 6 HU electronic modules
  • Front panels
  • Socket set
  • Spare table edge
  • End panel
  • Trunking bridge
  • Table leg adapter
  • Corner panels
  • Laboratory tall cabinets
  • Side cabinets
  • TFT holder
  • status light (operating status light)
  • PC holder
  • Tool sets
  • Energy chain
  • Control units with memo function
  • Vertical channels
  • Perforated plates

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