Application scenarios

Examples of optimum fit-out solutions for your electrical lab

Greater efficiency with versatile measuring


  • Primus Basic workstation, mobile, with 3 RU top unit
  • Primus One workstation with 3 RU, 6 RU top unit and shelf unit
  • Simple drive your mobile measuring unit direct to your DUT. This flexibility improves efficiency in your company.
  • The combination of electrified top units and shelf storage gives you an ideal setup with enough space to file away your documents while simultaneously ensuring you can use the installed measuring instruments.

A breath of fresh air for the office


  • Primus One workstation with shelf elements and illuminated organising panel
  • Functional worktops
  • Extraction unit
  • Magnifying lamp
  • With the integrated solder fume extraction unit, you’ll never again be exposed to poisonous gases while soldering. This protects your employees from serious health problems.
  • Go easy on your eyes and ensure optimum lighting for your workstation or workpiece with the illuminated organising panel and magnifying lamp.