Application scenarios

Safety and functional tests, run-in and stress testing

Simple and fast testing of insulated tools


  • Semi-automatic operator test station
  • SPS controlled test station
  • Tool testing system for insulated tools (screwdrivers, pliers, ...)
  • Magnetic tool holder
  • Hi-pot testing in a water bath

Simple and fast testing of your insulated tools in a water bath. Simple recognition of whether the insulation of the tools is in order by means of hi-pot testing.


Long-term analysis of electrical appliances


  • Elution® software
  • 3 flexible SC power supplies
  • Current/voltage measurement
  • Output measurement
  • Temperature measurement
  • I-V curve determination
  • Profile sequencer

Perform long-term analysis on your electrical appliances. ELABO’s Elution® software package lets you perform various measurements such as temperature measurements, output measurements or current/voltage measurements. Measurements can also be accessed and controlled in real time.