ELABO designs, builds and implements a wide range of end-of-line test systems for toolmakers.

Alongside typical safety testing systems, ELABO also designs and manufactures running-in test benches, for example, where a DUT is tested for a certain period of time.

Drilling, chopping, sawing, mowing and grinding: safety and functional tests, run-in and stress testing with tools from ELABO.

End-of-line test units

Hi-pot, insulation resistance and protective conductor testing

Stress testing

Stress test systems for identifying defective devices and margins

Endurance test/run-in

Running-in of electrical tools for a specified period of time

Functional test benches

Design of specialised final inspection systems, plus functional testing/end-of-line test benches

Safety test benches

Hi-pot and protective conductor test benches, plus user-friendly and safe end-of-line test systems

End-of-line test systems for tools

End-of-line test systems for insulated hand tools

Application scenarios

Application scenarios

Safety and functional tests, run-in and stress testing with made-to-measure solutions from ELABO