Parts and components

For users and procurement staff working in manufacturing and assembly, a ‘one-stop shop’ is often a real advantage.

For this particular use case, ELABO can also offer turnkey assembly and test systems. In electrical safety testing, the primary goal is obtaining cost-effective, automated production flows that also ensure the achievement of 100% quality. Our mechanical engineering partners are happy to integrate ELABO systems as OEM modules in their manufacturing plant and lines.

Capacitors, transformers, motors: automated production flows as the basis for 100% quality. Integration of test systems with maximum throughput in production.

Test units

Quality testing and product safety testing: hi-pot, insulation resistance and protective conductor testing, plus made-to-measure measuring/test units for creating test benches with 100% process reliability


Continuity and insulation testing, plus fluid immersion testing as a specialised test


A broad spectrum of testing solutions, such as capacitance/insulation measurements and stress testing


Voltage and current measurement, testing of winding direction and dielectric withstand test, from PCB transformers to large power transformers.

Motors and fans

Electrical safety testing, functional tests, plus temperature rise testing and noise emission testing

Electronics modules

Electrical safety and functional testing, automated recording and analysing of physical quantities

Installation and automation components

Hi-pot and insulation resistance testing, as well as temperature rise and contact resistance testing

Software development

Development systems that are supplied with the files to be programmed just in time via a data server, as well as testing and assembly cells for electronics modules.

Application scenarios

Application scenarios

Examples of test systems for electrical components and parts