Household appliances

Consumers expect household appliances to be safe and to work exactly as advertised.

For many years now, ELABO has been designing tailor-made solutions for manufacturers in this sector, and implementing safety and functional testing. System solutions from ELABO are also responsible for the programming of the control electronics integrated into the appliances as well as determining consumption values for the EU Energy Label.

Brewing and heating, cooking and baking, cooling and freezing, vacuuming and cleaning, washing and drying: safety and functional testing integrated directly into automated production lines, programming of control electronics integrated into appliances and determining energy efficiency ratings.

Small household appliances

Implementation of cost-effective, customer-specific test systems for small household appliances

Cooking and baking appliances

Cost-effective testing of gas and ceramic hobs, conventional ovens and cooker hoods, steam cookers and microwave ovens

Fridges and freezers

Cost-effective testing of electrical and gas-powered fridges and freezers

Cleaning appliances

Product safety testing and determining of output values

Washing machines and dryers

Safety and functional inspections

Development systems

Development systems that are supplied with the files to be programmed just in time via a data server, as well as testing and assembly cells for electronics modules.

Determination of energy efficiency

Consumption measurements and measurement of standby consumption

Application scenarios

Application scenarios

Made-to-measure solutions for the safety and functional testing of household appliances