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Test Systems
Developing - Designing - Manufacturing.

Optimizing solutions and pathways to solutions: We have been working together with our customers ever since the 80s to design testing installations that exactly fit their requirements. We develop and manufacture test systems for industrial operations as well as for mechanical engineers who wish to incorporate our systems into their customers' production lines.

Feasibility Planning
On behalf of its customers Elabo determines the functions and processes that are to be depicted by the safety, functionality and/or quality tests. The focus is on defining a requirement profile and the associated characteristic values. This is of great importance, in particular in the case of automated installations. The cycle time, for example, can also have an enormous effect on the use of the individual components or may result in an alternative solution being proposed.
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Drawing up Specifications

It is always vitally necessary in the case of the highly complex Elabo test systems to put together a set of specifications to ensure that the path to the result and the result itself are in accord with the customer's wishes. But not every department has the capacity to prepare such specifications. In such cases, Elabo supports its client firms while it conducts the feasibility study, or after the study is complete, and undertakes to prepare the list of specifications.




 Engineering 3   Proceeding With Implementation
Once the contract has been awarded, the project management draws up a detailed project plan and agrees on it with our customers. Our main aim is to provide a solution-oriented installation in a timely fashion. By using our own series of devices and by employing a wide range of tried and proven components we can quickly and easily develop standard components. When developing special parts we can call upon the skills of our staff in the fields of mechanics, electronics and electrical technology, as well as handling, etc. In each case, they find the best quality for our customers at the indicated price.  If necessary, we also bring in other partners with whom we have worked for many years, for example to manufacture material delivery components.
 Engineering 4   Embedded Intelligence
Whether documenting individual test results or immediately integrating the facility into the ERP system, Elabo prepares suitable software for every project on the basis of existing modules.
 Engineering 5   Helping to Shape Life Cycles
As far as Elabo is concerned, a successful engineering project involves more than just the development and manufacture of fault-free installations - it must also include customer support over the entire lifetime of the equipment. Service packages and software updates as well as factory calibration ensure minimal downtime periods, even after many years of operation. Other services are also separately available, such as rental and loan equipment.

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