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Solutions for Control Panels
Assembling, programming, testing ..

We offer solutions in every detail. This also includes the conception and realization of adapted solutions of assembling, programming and test devices for your device controls. A broad accumulated experience arose from the variety of the solutions already carried out.


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Assembling systems

Ergonomic aspects occupy a forefront position in the development of your assembly stations. Since it is only in this manner that a rational material flow can be designed, which avoids e.g. unnecessary displacements and superfluous movements.

We therefore do not merely restrict ourselves to the actual assembly station. Instead we also offer you sensible solutions for material availability and transport to partly and fully automatic assembly devices. We also produce computer-aided information systems in order to simplify and accelerate the working process. We guarantee safety in production and rapid cycle times by identification system integrated in the goods conveyor, which avoid misallocations and waiting times within the assembly process.

Elabo Assembling systems - flexible and robust.

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Programming systems

Offering a greatest possible flexibility to networked solutions for the just in time programming of the firmware of your electronics. In the production process or for supplying of customer service. Flexible programming systems make the required throughput possible. After verification of the electronic type the programming files obtained from the data server, noticed and then programmed under use of a flash tool automatically. A final verify and the print-out of the paper label fits the scope of work.

Coupled with the conveyor control of assembly line, a preview of the required electronic type can be carried out. The variant programmed correctly is always so available - JUST IN TIME!

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Programming and testing systems

In order to give you the greatest possible economic success, we design and manufacture complete programming and test systems.

Programming cells, with are fully automatically supplied with the files JUST IN TIME via the data server and test cell which include both the visual characteristics (e.g. printing, display function) and the mechanical functions (pushbuttons, rotary selector switches, inputs/outputs). If device errors are detected, automatic chanelling to the repair area occurs, where appropriate diagnosis systems allow rapid repair and return to the production process, thereby guaranteeing 100% tested quality. Once labelling has been completed, the devices are transferred to the withdrawal and packaging stations.

Elabo offers complete solutions from one hand!
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Software solutions
Our ability and knowledge is not merely restricted to development and realisation of optimum assembling, programming and testing installations. The appropriate software solutions considerably contribute to guaranteeing the optimum test process.
Our software solutions guarantee you compliance with the established test schedules and recording of the measurement results achieved. The necessary test protocols and statistical analyses can of course be generated at any time. Being the competent partner for you: This is important to us. Therefore we use typically modern tools like the .NET framework, C# and extensive as well as efficient graphic processing modules.
A decisive advantage for you: Our solutions are integrable in existing networks and EDP structures by means of appropriate interfaces. This avoids undesirable "spot solutions". Connections to SAP R3, Navision, Microsoft SQL server, Oracle or FTP data transmission, were already realized.

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