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Elabo designs, manufactures and implements a large variety of test systems for tool manufacturers. Run-in test rigs, for instance, in which a test object is tested for, among other, material warming and RPMs over a specified period.


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For the quality control and for the guarantee of the product safety: High voltage, insulation resistance as well as PE - test are basics of the compulsory programme
Elabo has measuring and testing instruments tailored for these fields of application for the construction of process sure test positions in the portfolio. Also for OEM partner Elabo as a reliable partner has guaranteed quality for years.

Werkzeug Belastung

Performance Test
Despite all inspections, some faults only come to light after the electronic tools are put into operation because of varying component characteristics and the combination thereof. For these situations, Elabo offers performance tests and spot checks. The simulation of a temperature change will cause a failure in the presence of an electric or mechanical instability. This allows defective equipment and margins to be identified before it leaves the plant.

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Workers want to be able to use a new machine immediately and count on the fact that it will function properly. Renowned manufacturers of quality tools therefore rely on run-in test systems in which the electronic tools in question are broken in for a defined period before the concluding final inspection.

Comprehensive sound insulation and fire prevention measures ensure the safety of the operators and the building.

Werkzeug Funktion
Function Test
The function of a power tool plays the decisive role for the end-user in industry and household. Elabo conceives special function and final test stations for the manufacturers of these units: Reliable quality test equipments for products of highest quality.
Werkzeug Sicherheit
Safety Test
"Hand work" is often necessary in testing electronic tools. In this case, Elabo offers its customers convenient and safe solutions with mandatory electric shock protection, for instance with test cages for high-voltage tests up to 8,000 VAC or 12,000 VDC..
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Tool Test
Elabo also manufactures test systems with water baths in accordance with DIN EN 60900 and comparable standards, for testing insulated screwdrivers, for instance. Various additional functions can also be incorporated, for instance automatic water level compensation or various immersion depths.


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