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Medical Technology
From the incubator up to the centrifuge ..

Numerous subsections in the EN 60601 standard show how much safety is required in medical-technical institutions. Handling electric and electronic components and equipment also plays a major role here. Elabo provides customized solutions especially for safety inspection in the manufacturing industry, where the focus is on measurement and test equipment performing consistently in line with standards.

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MED Kombitester
For the quality control and for the guarantee of the product safety: High voltage, insulation resistance as well as PE - test are basics of the compulsory portfolio.
Elabo has measuring and testing instruments tailored for these fields of application for the construction of process sure test positions in the portfolio. Also for OEM partner Elabo as a reliable partner has guaranteed quality for years.
MED Ableitstrom

Standardized leakage current measurement

Elabo is one of the few manufacturers of standardized leacage-current measurement equipment for medical-technical products.

In addition to "simple" product measurements, the measurement equipment can also be configured to measure patient leakage current and patient auxiliary current, even with multiple application parts.

MED Mobile

Creating mobile test stations

elabo supplies its customers with manual and computer-based test systems for mobile use. In this way, tests can be performed at remote locations and documented at the same time..
MED Sicherheit
Safety takes priority
Electric and electronic equipment in hospitals, from defibrillators to hospital bed supply rails, is constantly being handled. It is therefore particularly important that all objects that conduct electricity be tested, so that an electrical discharge to a person using the device is not possible. Elabo supports manufacturers in ensuring precisely this.
MED Komplett Test systems
Complete device testers for the safety and functional test at medical-technology products are part of the extensive delivery range of the company Elabo. A long-standing partnership with the well-known manufacturers of the line of business creates a broad accumulated experience and a portfolio at solutions already carried out.


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