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Household appliances
Cooking, baking, cooling, washing ..

Customers expect their household appliances to function safely and properly, every time. For years, Elabo has been designing customed-tailored solutions for manufacturers in this sector, and undertakes safety and function testing while appliances are still on the automated assembly lines. Elabo also provides system solutions for programming the electronic controls integrated into the units and determining energy consumption for the purposes of energy label certification.



Brewing and heating
Whether it’s an automatic coffeemaker or a water kettle – Elabo provides efficient testing systems for small home appliances, just as our customers demand. A pool of modularized system and software solutions meets all quality assurance and logistical requirements without sacrificing ease of use.
Herde Cooking and baking
In addition to testing systems for gas and ceramic glass cooktops, baking ovens, and extractor hoods, we also offer solutions for steam cookers and microwave ovens. Most systems are fully automated and permit the economical testing of even large production runs. Standard safety and function testing is offered, as well as other functions such as, e.g., thermographic evaluations.
Cooling and freezing
Both electric and gas-powered cooling and freezing appliances must be tested for product safety and functionality. ELABO’s system solutions permit the economical design of test stations for testing a wide variety of different products. 
Vacuuming and cleaning
In addition to simple product safety testing, performance data for vacuum cleaners and power washers is also desirable. With solutions from ELABO, these values – whether vacuum strength, water pressure, or flow rate – can be measured automatically, providing reliable and comparable results.
Washing and drying
In order to make sure that a washer or dryer delivered to a customer will actually function as intended, such units, in addition to a safety test, are also subjected to a function test. Testing is fully automated, reliable – and carried out millions of times every year. Optical image evaluation processes round off ELABO’s offerings in this sector.
Energielabel Determining energy efficiency
Energy and resource consumption measurements are now standard considerations when purchasing a home appliance, and energy labeling requirements have placed political muscle behind such measurements. ELABO takes it a step further and supports the industry by providing measurement of standby power consumption. With electricity costs on the rise, low energy consumption is an important factor in the purchasing decisions of our clients’ customers. 
Programming software

Networked programming systems supplied “just in time” via a data server with the files to be programmed, as well as testing and assembly stations for electronic modules – another area in which ELABO designs and delivers intelligent systems permitting 100% proven quality.