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Test Systems
Durable, functional 
and variable

In 1982 Elabo introduced one of the first safety-testing systems, including EDP support;  in 1992 it marketed the first  modular extrusion-based workstation  for laboratory facilities;  in 2008  the EHP-Lab software solution was the first of its kind to match network technology and software environment perfectly to each other - whatever the year, Elabo products have set new standards and led the way in the design and engineering of workplaces and test systems.

When designing new products, staff from various departments and disciplines cooperate to come up with optimal solutions. In their work they make use of the latest technologies, such as digital image processing systems as well as network and fibre optic technologies.

Our solutions are in use in numerous industries from the automotive sector, via optical systems, through to photovoltaics. We invite you to make use of the skill and experience that we have acquired after being in business for almost 40 years, and arrange an on-site meeting with your personal consultant (link). The latter will be happy to prepare a concept - including cost planning - for your specific application.