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Technical Workstations
Process Control Systems
Modern Technology
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Systems for monitoring and controlling dynamic processes in industry, data and energy supply centers, traffic and the financial world (e.g. dealer desks at the stock exchange) are subjected to enormous challenges. Electronics in this area are at the cutting edge of technology, and workstation design offers optimal ergonomics – corresponding exactly to Elabo’s profil and competence spectrum.


Core Quality and Individualization
High persistent quality characterizes the Elabo program for setting up process control rooms. All installation concepts, both individual workstation configurations and interlinked systems, are supported in a circle or in circle sectors.

What is most remarkable here is the variability of the system: the outer appearance can be vastly modified while the “inner life” – i.e. the supporting technology – remains essentially the same.

Elabo process control rooms are prepared for change. At any time, the building block system allows to extend individual workstation solutions with one monitor level to interlinked solutions with several monitor levels.

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Services for Customised Solutions
Elabo supports its clients with a comprehensive range of services for developing and setting up process control rooms. If desired, we offer integrated solution, from determining requirements via the conception to turnkey solutions.

At times, cooperation with our client’s partners – especially architects and planners – can be very close. This may create highly individualized design solutions. Throughout, Elabo makes sure that all regulations are respected and that in particular all measures for physical, psychological, and mental relief are efficiently implemented.

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Prozess 3   Optimal Sight
Process control rooms often combine individual workstation monitors with large central monitors or large screens. Elabo takes care of the technical integration and the ergonomically optimized positioning so that working with both presentation levels can be as stress-free as possible. The monitor fasteners are equipped with snap closings so that exchanging a monitor is possible without any significant operational interruptions.

Prozess 7   Workstation and Monitor
In configurations with large central monitors or projections, it is important that the view from the workstations to the presentation is unobstructed. Elabo ProcessControlsystems dispose of an integrated foldaway surface in the rear table area, thus enabling a low arrangement of the lower monitor line: the lower monitor edge is flush with the table’s edge, markedly improving the view over the monitors and toward a central wall in front.
Electric motor solutions for adjusting units are also in high demand since they provide great flexibility. In the event of an exchange of monitors, new types can be easily installed.

Prozess   Intelligent Integration of Technology
Elabo ProcessControlsystems have an understructure for housing all necessary technologies, thereby enabling the direct cabling toward user interfaces. This technology unit is equipped with a quick locking system so that it can be accessed within a few seconds when servicing is necessary. If desired, the technology unit can be equipped with a bus system that uses fibre optic cables.

The understructures can also be air-conditioned, and corresponding floor outlets facilitate cable routing from underneath while enabling uncomplicated installation. All height-adjustable versions comprise industrial drag chains for cabling between the technology unit and the table top. This ensures optimal protection of the cabling.

Prozess 8   Ideal for Any User
TaCom Lift is the electric motor version of the Elabo control room concept. It stands for an optimal and ergonomic design. According to requirements, height is incrementally variable. Studies show, for example, that stress situations can be better handled while standing. TaCom also makes it possible to quickly adjust the height to the current user. This flexibility is in particularly high demand for control room shift operation.

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