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The electrical laboratory is one of Elabo’s core competence areas. Elabo offers an exemplary and diverse range of products and services to fully equip electrical labs. Our lab solutions find application in industry in the areas of quality assurance, research and development, testing, prototype construction, and also in maintenance and service facilities. Elabo Labsystems have also become essential in medium-sized companies and in many other electrical engineering application environments.


Workstation Systems
Elabo workstation systems make it possible to develop highly productive solutions for almost all tasks of an electrical lab. The intelligent integration of all instruments provides outstanding ergonomics and optimal use of space. The systems are equally suitable for configuring both individual and linked workstations.

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Electronics Equipment
Elabo provides a full spectrum of electric and electronics equipment. It ranges from power supply devices via measurement and test instruments to software products of the Elabo EHP line for control, automation, analysis, and documentation of measurement processes, including mandatory filing. It therefore supports qualified operations fulfilling up-to-date standards in the best possible manner.

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  Primus One

The Primus One represents the logical development of the successful InForm series. This technical work table unites everything that Elabo does best and has been proven to work well over the years, with many additional

and improved functions: versatile, flexible, premium-quality and conceptually sophisticated in every detail.


ELABO GmbH sets the highest standards for its products. They must be easy to use, strong in application and of great benefit to users. The Primus One receives top scores in all three areas. This technical work table facilitates daily work, allowing people to find time and space for their own ideas.


There’s nothing left to be desired. Typically Elabo.


Labor 3   InForm
InForm is the Professional system that guaranties quality unsurpassed in the market. It is exemplary in that it allows perfect adjustment to ever-changing tasks. Expansion through additional components is also possible in the long term. The extraordinarily solid execution additionally provides great investment safety.

Labor 4   Storage of Tools and Devices
We offer our workstations together with a diversified product line of suitable storage systems for work equipment and materials: mobile containers, floor units, filing cabinets, and large cabinets.

The units are conceived in a modular fashion and can be extended to form wall units. The wall units additionally serve as room dividers. The unit doors open 270 degrees and therefore don’t protrude into the room or obstruct work.

If so desired, units can be equipped with glass doors allowing a quick overview of the available material. We also offer optional lock systems whose uniform lock system allows to distinguish among different access rights.

Labor 5   EcoTec
Elabo’s EcoTec fulfils the standard requirements of any electrical laboratory in an authoritative manner. The system is very functional and more robust than traditional office furniture, asserting its superiority through its modern and yet functional product design.

Labor 6   Highly Specialised Solutions
The system components that Elabo has developed and refined over more than three decades also support highly specialised applications. Our ESD models are in particularly great demand and our clean room equipment is also very popular.

Labor 7   One-Stop Shop
If our clients so desire, Elabo offers turnkey solutions for integrated laboratory equipments. Elabo works with selected experts to solve all tasks, from planning via furniture installation to user training.

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Primus One.

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