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Good working conditions
Quality tuned to 
your students

All equipment items, furniture and tools from Elabo help ensure that your students are provided with the best possible working conditions. They are very easy to handle. No inappropriate demands are placed on the student and nothing distracts them from what is essential.

Grund 4-1   Generous working space for each student
The space around the students, in the literal sense - the area on the table in front of the student as well as the air space around them - is very effectively and comprehensively used.  Equipment items and test set-ups are intelligently distributed on superstructures with plug-in modules and on the table top, on experimental frames and on mobile units. There is no demotivating confusion and no risk that cables might be accidentally damaged.

Grund 4-2   Everything under control. No problems.
Search and finding are one: Elabo Trainingsystems offer a high degree of orderliness which students can easily understand. Intuitively, they quickly find what they need. Most of the tools are easily accessible at their workstation - in the under-table cabinet or container, in the superstructure or in a mobile unit.

Grund 4-3   Non-tiring work thanks to good ergonomics
The ergonomic design of the Elabo products promotes attention. The superstructures and plug-in modules are optimally placed in the field of vision. The experimental frames ensure clearly laid out installations that clearly show relationships and eliminate mistakes to a large extent. Keys and switches are easy to use, the tools fit well in the hand. The chairs are adapted to the physical build of young people and promote fatigue-free sitting.


Grund 4-4   Easy to learn, uncomplicated handling
All the equipment items from Elabo are largely self-explanatory. The students learn quickly how they are to be operated. For example, on the plug-in modules they find symbols with which they are already familiar from circuit diagrams.


Grund 4-5   A harmonious ensemble, free of any unnecessary distractions
The current and voltage supply devices, as well as the measuring and test devices are integrated with a positive fit into the plug-in modules, and together they form a large tidy surface. The colours of the surfaces are gentle and harmonious. Via vertical channels and the Orga-panel, cables are routed along the shortest possible path to the devices and to the objects on the experimental frames. Consistently embedded in this way, the cables are almost invisible.