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Protecting your students
Protecting health. 
Minimizing risk

Sources of risk are reduced to an absolutely unavoidable minimum in Elabo Trainingsystems. Great value is placed on protecting your students but also your teaching staff and cleaning personnel.

 Grund 7-1   Prevention of mechanical injuries
There are almost no sharp edges and corners in Elabo equipment. Movable elements - specifically in the lowering mechanisms - are provided with automatic shut-off and release systems that react within fractions of a second should the hand of a student become caught in them.


 Grund 7-2   Eliminating contact with electrical parts
Measuring lines in Elabo systems are all of the safety type and fitted with rigid bushings. This measure prevents anyone from touching the contact surface when removing the plugs and helps prevent accidents. The electrical wires are protected to the maximum extent and covered. This effectively prevents any injuries that might result from damaged current-/voltage-carrying cables.

 Grund 7-3   Stop! Emergency shut-off
If operating errors or any other fault conditions involving electrical devices should occur at any point, the emergency off button is always actuated as the last line of defence. It is conspicuously marked and always well located.


 Grund 7-4   Interception circuit
The Elabo EHP software provides an additional safety step.
If an electrical fault occurs at one of the student workstations, this immediately shows up on the instructor's monitor. The workstation is precisely pinpointed and the instructor can intervene on the spot.

 Grund 7-5   Protecting allergy-sufferers
Elabo uses materials which have been tested by well-know institutes to determine whether they are tolerated by allergy-sufferers. In particular, no polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are used.