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Preventing vandalism
Very solid design, plus
intelligent prevention

Elabo supports taking rigorous action against vandalism. Appropriate measures make it difficult to maliciously destroy school property. In addition, the consequential costs of any damage that might occur are kept low. In this way, Elabo effectively counters economic losses incurred by schools.

 Grund 8-1   Pinpointing the troublemakers
Is it fun to cause trouble? Malicious disruption of the lesson caused by deliberately provoked technical malfunctions in devices and circuits can be precisely located using network technology. Consequences for the perpetrators will be immediate. The knowledge that they won't get away with mischief considerably reduces the number of people who get pleasure out of causing trouble.

 Grund 8-2   Uncompromisingly resistant
The surfaces of tables and cabinets frequently suffer damage due to carelessness or deliberate action. The surfaces of Elabo equipment are difficult to harm. They can be cleaned easily and thoroughly and are moreover resistant to scratches, impacts and heat. It takes a great deal of brutal force to produce any lasting traces of damage.

 Grund 8-3   No worthwhile target for heavy-handed pranks
It happens time and again - a cabinet door becomes the subject of a heavy-handed prank. The doors of Elabo cabinets are very solidly constructed. Also, they open to an angle of 270°, thus making it impossible to accidentally or deliberately tear out the hinges. They're not a great target for someone wishing to let off steam.


 Grund 8-4   Protection of the electrical system
The electrical system protects itself from destruction. For example, power supply units are protected against short circuits by monitoring their output parameters. In the event of a fault, the output signal is automatically reset.


 Grund 8-5   Securely embedded
Thing that are just "standing around" invite to be stolen. The power supply and measuring/test devices are integrated into the superstructures not just for ergonomic reasons but also to protect them. The security is in every detail. For example, the front panels are attached by bolts welded on the rear of the panels. It is impossible to loosen them from the front. Because of the obvious effort it takes, any attempt to do so would be easily detected before it was accomplished.


 Grund 8-6b   Preventing access altogether
The ultimate means for protecting electrical equipment is offered by the lowering technology. When the equipment is lowered out of the way, it cannot be dirtied, nor can it be damaged or removed. Even years later, at the press of a button by the instructor, the equipment rises from its storage shaft, in a professionally clean state.

 Grund 8-7   Theft is not a trivial offence
Most students who steal tools, equipment items or teaching material do so in the belief that they are committing a trivial offence. To counter this, there is a broad range of highly effective locking systems available for Elabo cabinets. In addition, they are equipped with a three-point locking mechanism (using a locking bar) that creates flush closure of the surfaces.  It takes a truly massive effort to break open the doors. The violent force required to do this is obvious and anyone who thinks of casually swiping something gives up that idea.