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Positive learning atmosphere
Motivation. Concentration. Successful learning

Elabo Trainingsystems contribute directly to the creation of an intensive learning atmosphere. The excellent functional and ergonomically designed equipment focuses the attention of the trainees on what is essential. Also, the intelligent space-saving solutions that keep traffic in the classroom to a minimum promote concentration and help ensure that the learning atmosphere is very good, even in densely filled classrooms.

Grund 4-9   Motivating by professionalism
The well conceived concept of Elabo Trainingsystems corresponds to a large extent to the standards that apply in industry and that Elabo has also played a role in shaping. Interested students immediately sense this high level of professionalism. The very sensibly organized technology and the modern industrial esthetics, as well as the language of shapes and colours, match those that are found in leading firms and businesses. This technical quality instills competence in the students, gives them a foretaste of their future careers, and noticeably motivates them.

Grund 4-6   Clear organization, superior handling
The clear organization of the superstructures and plug-in modules, the sensible grid layouts in all the cabinets, including those under and alongside the tables, and the extremely broad range of organizational elements (drawer and cabinet dividers, grooved mats, etc.) contribute to the very clear, well-structured order that prevails in all the storage containers provided by Elabo. Clarity and orderliness are hallmarks of technical competence and encourage people to act with care and precision.

Grund 4-8   Concentration flourishes where quiet reigns
Distracting noises are systematically suppressed. Drawers run smoothly and with little noise. Sealing strips around the edges of cabinet doors help ensure that they are opened and closed quietly. In order to further suppress noise levels, the H-sections on the experimental frames may optionally be provided with brush strips. The colours and the choice of shapes are also "quiet" and intended to promote attentiveness and a feeling of calm. The entire Elabo interior makes it very clear that quiet is expected and concentration is encouraged.

Grund 4-7   Relaxed movements
Attentive minds, fluid processes. Many sometimes totally unnoticed details encourage a stimulating work rhythm and promote a relaxed atmosphere in the room. The cabinets are an example of this: their doors open to an angle of 270°, so that in the opened position they do not project into the room. This type of refinement makes for calmer movements and is particularly effective in conditions where there is little space.