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Elabo Trainingsystems is your partner for training facilities in the versatile field of electronics and electrical engineering. Right at the seminal phase, we support our customers by providing comprehensive competency services as welle as other services that contribute significantly to the implementation of an effective, state-of-the-art teaching concept. In a thousand different ways our products help the instructors plan classes that result in the students achieving highly successful learning results. At the same time, we ensure that the products can be used by our customers very economically over long periods of time.

Elabo Praxis-Know-how   1. Elabo Practical Know-How
The Elabo Trainingsystems products are the result of extensive experience gained in the training field. Moreover, thanks to our competency in the fields of electronics and electrical engineering, we occupy a prominent position in industry. Our customers appreciate the fact that we keep our know-how fully up to date by providing first-class services for industry and continue to develop our training materials using modern technical knowledge.


316 Arbeitsbedingungen   2. Good working conditions promote successful learning for students
Elabo workstations perfectly match teaching contents. For practical exercises all the necessary equipment items are close at hand, most of them within easy reach on the table. Good use of space ensures large working surfaces. Superstructures keep them free from devices.  Perfect cable management ensures that no cables interfere with the handling of test objects.


316 Handlungskomponente  

3. Competent design of the course content
Using Elabo Trainingsystems, the instructors can design state-of-the-art and technically convincing courses. These courses are characterized by the fact that they are intelligently related to the students' future professional careers, for example in industry. Guidance is offered among other things with the help of special software and network technology Elabo provides for the training process.


316 Handling   4 . Excellent handling
Elabo has perfected the handling of its training systems. The furniture can be expanded in modular fashion as required. The experimental frames accept teaching materials from almost every source. To save space, installation cabins can be folded together and set on one side. The superstructures are divided into two compatible grid systems and are provided with integrated bus systems or cable harnesses. All the devices can be used as modules.


316 Lernatmosphäre   5. Good learning atmosphere and high degree of motivation
Elabo Trainingsystems offer students the chance to come face to face with modern professional reality, also thanks to their special functionality. In addition, the well thought-out design appeals through its modern technical aesthetics and expresses itself through the language of shapes and colours, as also used by top firms in industry. The highly professional standard gives students a foretaste of what their career has in store for them and provides them with noticeable motivation.


316 Netto Lehrzeit   6. Increasing net teaching time
Elabo Trainingsystems offer countless opportunities to achieve the maximum possible net teaching time. The students have almost all the necessary tools at their disposal and almost nothing has to be carried back and forth. Measuring devices can be immediately integrated into the workstation in functional status. Instructors can prepare technical demonstrations ahead of the lessons and transfer them quickly into the classroom by means of mobile demo units. Any technical faults can be quickly pinpointed by the instructor from a central location.


316 Schutz   7. Optimal protection of the students
Elabo sets standards with the consistent protection that it provides for students. Risk sources are reduced to an absolutely unavoidable minimum level. Power-carrying cables and connections are to a large extent mounted under covers. There are no sharp edges and corners. Movable parts, in particular in the lowerable systems, are provided with automatic shut-off.


316 Vandalismus   8. Prevention of vandalism
The Trainingsystems are very solidly constructed. The furniture can even resist acids and heat. The power supply, measuring and test devices are integrated into the superstructures with a positive fit and are theft-proof. The network technology and software permit maliciously triggered defects to be rapidly detected and located.


316 Umwelt   9. Environmental compatibility and health
Elabo Trainingsystems use only environmentally compatible materials and processes. The consumption of resources has been systematically reduced over the years. We place particularly great value on using non-hazardous materials and also regularly carry out allergen tests for our customers.

316 Wirtschaftlichkeit   10. Highly economical
Even judged on a very long-term basis, Elabo Trainingsystems lead the way in economical performance. The price/performance ratio sets benchmarks to follow. The products also stand up without any problem to long-term use in the classroom.  There is little need for care and maintenance. Repairs are hardly ever needed. Configurations can be easily adapted to changing overall conditions at any time. The spare parts guarantee ensures the extremely long lifetime of the systems.