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Assembly Systems
Integrated Quality Assurance 
in Modern Assembly Processes

Quality assurance is an increasingly important topic in assembly. Elabo has developed an assembly system that supports the direct integration of test and inspection stations into the assembly process. Control therefore takes place directly on the spot where errors might occur. The system allows setting up standalone workstations as well as complex interlinked assembly worlds. It is used for manual and semi-automated production.



Integrated Quality Assurance
Elabo’s TaMas assembly system is conceived for integrated quality assurance.

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High-Quality Workstation
In addition, TaMas is a full-fledged assembly workstation system. The product range includes all relevant components, from table systems and service trays via power and compressed air supply to conveying equipment and IT connections with high-performance bus systems.

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Montage 3 neu   Integrated Testing Technology
Upstream individual tests in early production stages can avoid costly demounting and repair work. It is possible to integrate upstream tests into the entire test concept so that any later final inspection will only begin after successful early testing.

Elabo provides an interlinked solution for this. The perfect integration of the test technology solutions contributes to an optimal production flow. Avoiding external interfaces prevents cycle time losses.

Forwarding of products depends on the result of the product test; the time-consuming and costly reworking of faulty parts can thus be avoided. The identification system notes the product processing stage and the test status.

Data detection devices such as barcode readers are used for automatic identification; they also initiate the automatic preliminary setup and/or the calibration of the test equipment. Integrating the test technology into the test line avoids having to transport specimens to separate test locations.



Montage 4 neu   User Safety
Components for user protection, such as test cages for high-voltage measurement, are an important part of our product range.

Montage 5 neu   ERP Connection and Visual Support of Assembly and Testing.
  • Feedback of processing and test status to computer systems for logistics control
  • Every workstation can display assembly steps and parts lists. This ideally supports the assemblyperson in its activity.
  • Assembly instructions are electronically deposited and can be loaded and displayed in a targeted manner and for each individual product – also automatically if required.
  • Product changes resulting in any change of the assembly instructions or defaults can be automatically communicated via the network to the respective places. This also guaranties that mounting directions are always up-to-date. Printed versions are of clearly a disadvantage here.
  • Feedback of the tested products with serial number and test result greatly facilitates traceability inside the company. Orders processed during the day can for example be selected in the evening. This enables detailed statements on delivery dates and also delays.

Montage 6   Increased Concentration
Elabo’s assembly system is characterised by outstanding ergonomics. This makes work easier for the user, increasing concentration and reducing error rates.

Montage 7   Flexibility Secures Profitability
The system is structured in a modular fashion. Extensions and adjustments to changes in function processes can be implemented quickly and cost-efficiently.

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