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Insulation test devices

Elabo insulation test devices

The electronically-controlled Elabo insulation test devices are fitted with a safety current limited voltage supply. This concept frees users from safety standards such as EN 50191. All insulation test devices are fitted with a direct test-piece connection on the front plate. As all connections and interfaces are located on the rear side of the device, they can be used in fully-automatic test systems.

 Various high-voltage and combination test devices are fitted with an insulation resistance measurement function and if fitted with extended functions, can be used for this test.


The principle of insulation resistance measurement 

The insulation resistance measurement measures the active resistance of the insulation a) of a device of the active parts against the housing parts or b) various internal potentials. It also serves to test the quality of insulation materials. 500V DC is usually used as a test voltage. Higher or lower test voltages are possible in special cases. The permissible threshold values usually lie at 0.5-2MOhm. In practice, significantly higher values are often reached in the GOhm range. The technical data of the voltage source is safety current limited in accordance with EN 50191(VDE 0104). The max. permissible voltage is set at 12mA/DC. Keeping to these limits means that despite the higher voltage, the insulation test does not require any further safety measures.

Insulation devices

Insulation tests are usually performed on a voltage-free test piece. A test can also be performed at operating temperature based on EN 60335 picture 8. The insulation resistance measurement is required in type and routine tests, but can also partially be omitted or replaced by the high-voltage test.



Insulation resistance tester 90-4K

with stabilized test voltage:


  • Insulation resistance test 50 .. 1000 VDC
  • Measurement ranges 0 .. 10/100/1000 MOhm

Insulation resistance tester 90-2E

with stabilized test voltage:

  • Insulation resistance test 500 VDC
  • Measurement ranges 0 .. 10/100 MOhm


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