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Our Employees.
Our Competence.

Elabo owes its position as market leader to a large degree due to the competence and the commitment of its employees. Engineers, technicians, and computer experts, machine fitters, skilled workers, sales experts and dealers, logistics experts, and many others work for us. Many of them have been working for us for a long time – 10, 20 years, some even longer. One could say they are custodians of the company’s wealth of expertise. Others joined us more recently, contributing new expert knowledge. For example, know-how in software development and network technology has greatly increased in importance over the last years.

Mitarbeiter 1 kl   Know-how
In all Elabo sectors, we set great store by special skills. That’s why all members of the field sales staff are certified workplace experts and have exceptional consulting competence.

Mitarbeiter 2 kl   Teamwork
Solutions that are tailored to the individual client’s needs often emerge during interdisciplinary cooperation among client consultants and technicians of the various specialist areas.

Mitarbeiter 3 kl   A Good Place for Learning
Elabo is a company committed to training apprentices. We closely cooperate with professional schools. Young people start on their paths into a professional future as electricians, mechanics, and salespeople.

We also take in students whose training is funded by the Federal Employment Office – and are doing so with much success! We also support students from other faculties while they work on their theses. Quite a few of those who started their professional careers with us now contribute to the company’s success with  their skills and commitment.

However, learning never stops: regular advanced training is an important element in Elabo’s strategy for the future.