High voltage measuring instrument (U/I, AC/DC)

with Ethernet interface (TCP/IP)

AC: 2 V … 7 kV / 15 µA … 500 mA
DC: ± 1V ... ±10 kV / ±15 µA ... ±500 mA

The ELABO high-voltage measuring instruments were developed to enable precise and rapid high-voltage and current measurements to be made, particularly in the calibration and development laboratory. All parameters can be programmed via an Ethernet interface. Corresponding driver modules simplify integration with existing systems.

  • Self-sufficient measuring instrument for universal use in the laboratory and in automated systems
  • Ethernet Interface (TCP/IP)
  • Front: 2 x 1.8 m high voltage line with TOPAS plug connection
  • Back side: Test item connection via 2 x integrated TOPAS connection sockets
  • 2,5 m mains cable – Schuko plug – IEC socket
  • 3 m network cable CAT6 (patch cable)
  • Integrated bracket allows easy coverage and a better view of the display through individual installation positions
  • Robust housing

Current measurement

DC: ±15 µA ... ±500 mA
AC:   15 µA ...   500 mA / trms

4 measuring ranges

    1 mA
  10 mA
100 mA
500 mA

Voltage measurement

DC: ±1 V ... ±10 kV
AC:   2 V ...     7 kV / trms

1 measuring rages

10 kV

Measuring method

24 bit ∑ - ∆ - converter

  • Load resistor network (5 / 10 / 100 / 500 kOhm, 1 / 5 MOhm) (Art. Nr. 94-8R)
  • ELABO Elution® Software
  • Factory calibration (Art. No. SM-MEAS-0-E099) or DAkkS calibration (Art. No. 94-8F)

Order details

  • Order No.: SM-MEAS-0-ZDT

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