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Company History

The name shows the way: the “E” of “Electro” and “labo” of “Laboratory” – “Elabo”. The company founders, Heinrich Decker and Egon Lauton, used this name to assert their claim to competence. And indeed, development labs and the quality assurance labs of the electronics industry were Elabo’s first large clients for which it developed – and still does – integrated system solutions: ergonomically conceived workstations with fully integrated electronics devices that mainly originate from Elabo’s own product development.

Shortly after the initial success, there was strong demand from training institutions in the electrical sector. A lab trainee programme was devised, specially tailored to the didactic tasks and demands of the every-day training routine. The “Lab” application area was then merged into the larger area of “Quality Assurance”.

Elabo entered production-integrated quality testing – first by developing and producing special test equipment, then by engineering individual client solutions.

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Elabo reinvents the workstation, again.

In April Elabo presented at the Hannover trade show innovative and flexible new work furniture. The product immediately pleased prifessionals of the industry and was a success within the months after its launching.



An important step in the company's development: the control techniques and intelligent electronic testing were both integrated into Elabo's software.

historie 1 kl   2007…
Elabo requires its know-how in control systems for software engineering as a stepping stone for electronic laboratory: creating automatic term, measurement information and measurement results. Elabo introduces the Elabo EHP Net+Lab that combines network technology and user software into one integrated system - a solution that is unparalleled in the business.


A large scale offensive characterizes the first years of the new century for Elabo. With keywords such as "Assembling and manufacturing" as well as "Supervising and controlling", three new product lines were launched, that caught the attention of customers from new industries.


The TaMas line particularly addresses electrical assembling issues: the control technique can be directly installed into the workstation. The equipement and accessories of the TaMo line are totally mobile. And finally, the TaCom line offers supervision consoles, built with the latest ergonomic knowledge.


historie 2 kl   2000…
At the beginning of the new decade, Elabo met the challenge of significantly increased demand by completely modernizing its company structures. The number of competitors quadrupled. The supply market developed an unprecedented capacity. Technological development in IT and CT almost took on revolutionary dimensions. Great challenges come with great opportunities. In the wake of those changes, Elabo devolved from a medium-sized company to a modern, efficiently organized and very flexible industrial company and integrated service provider.


The first completed and networked test line for electronical products quality assurance left the plant in 1996. Elabo easily overcame this step thanks to progressing technology and automatization, and encourages this progress. Besides the skill adjustements required in the electronic and software fields, Elabo also attaches great value to mechanical know-how. Adapting here is essential to keep in mind, mostly for special mechanical engineering.


historie 3 kl   1995…
Elabo became in 1995 a susidiary from the euromicron group, which headquaters are located in Frankfurt. Heinrich Decker ans Egon Lauton ensured the future of the company by establishing clear succession guidelines and by those means protected the company's legacy. This affiliation also entitles Elabo for support from euromicron in capital intensive business projects when dealing with large corporations. Today euromicron operates in all fields linked to network technologies, safety technologies and fiber optical cables. Hence Elabo's customers benifit from this connection. For example, our internal network cross-links our work and tests benches.


Ergonomic and modularity: the program line InForm generated the first furniture revolution for technical workstations. Instead of being stored on the station, the alimentation cables for measuring and testing were installed in orbit.


Ergonomic, useful ans space saving. With the special connection technique, the patent number 4214520 allows the tables to rise infinitely. For example, it guarantees a dust-free storage or different storage possibilities for materials on the superstructures.



Success requires sapce: Elabo purchased in the middle of the 1980's a new office park in Crailsheim. The moving to the new premises took place in 1987. After the purchase, the founders proved once again the importance given to their employees' well-being and satisfaction; thanks to cash reserves Elabo was able to raise wages while remaining in the same area. Another premise was built in the 1990's for developement and engineering departments.  



The first computerized measurement system left the Elabo plant in Crailsheim. It was made possible by the development of information technologies. Micro-computers were then used and could directly be stored in invidual test stations. Elabo set up a seperate department to meet the new expectations for Software-engineering.


historie 4 kl
  Since 1980…
Elabo started its engineering and special purpose machine construction for fully and semi-automated test systems in the electronics industry in the early eighties. Since then, Elabo has developed into one of the internationally leading providers in this competence area.

historie 5 kl   From 1972 on…
Elabo stands for more than 35 years of experience in electronics and electrical engineering. As one of its pioneers, Elabo early on set the standards with regard to equipping laboratories and special rooms for the electrical industry and for qualified training. The modular InForm technical workstation system introduced in 1992 is one of Elabo’s groundbreaking developments.
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