Individual digital assistance (idA)

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if your production employees were highly motivated and worked efficiently while making no errors?

But this is no fantasy: it’s perfectly possible – by deploying the ELABO EIM solution in your production.
Your employees receive all of the information they need in the right (digital) format and at the right time.

Our promise for your production:

We guarantee that your complex working processes can be performed

  • without stress;
  • on demand;
  • anywhere in the world; and
  • with 100% standards and quality compliance –

whatever your employees’ skill levels.


  • Workers get precise, up-to-date work instructions relevant for their skill levels – by a scan, for example
  • The system guides the worker step by step through the necessary work steps (text/image − utility − film – augmented reality)
  • Ensuring that even less skilled employees can get to work immediately without stress and stay 100% process-compliant