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Since 1972 we have been consulting on and planning workstations and special-purpose rooms for our customers. Earlier, we used graph paper, but today we use modern software and rendering programs. In the course of our work we find time and again that direct visualization significantly simplifies the decision-making process. Therefore, in order for customers to carry out their pre-planning, and to assist our consultants, we have searched for a cooperation partner who offers room planners that are simple and quick to use. We found such a partner in Eastern Graphics.


Download Planning Software

Elabo CAD catalogue

As of now, you can already plan your room in rough terms. Just download the pcon and then go to our catalogue , into which we have put our drawings, which you can then incorporate into the room plan.



From simple to highly complex
Much like the Elabo product range, the Room Planner is modular in structure. It can be used to draw a short and simple 2D sketch or to design entire houses. It can also provide a simple printout or generate an animated walk-through. Thus, the program is of interest not only for planning, pure and simple, but also for introducing an "emotional" element such as the feel of a room when walking through it with various furniture arrangements.

Raumplanung 2

Partnership versus isolated solutions
Individual solutions sometimes make sense, but sometimes they get in the way, especially when planning a room with furniture, lighting, accessories and many other items. Therefore, we have decided in favour of a collaborative approach: In addition to ourselves, other well-known and respected firms also offer drawings of their products. These firms include interstuhl, Waldmann and Novus who have been partners of Elabo for many years.



Raumplanung 4   Service
Our partner, Eastern Graphics offers fast and comprehensive support to all users of the Room Planner. Planning steps and new features are explained through a blog and a growing number of video-tutorials. And, of course, detailed online help is available on how to use the software.

Raumplanung 5   Compatibility
Compatibility with Auto-CAD is extremely important for customers who work together with a planning office, and for planning offices themselves. All room plans can be saved as .dwg and then opened up in Auto CAD to be further processed. The reverse is also possible at any time. For maximum compatibility, please use Version 6.3.

Raumplanung 6   Detailed planning
Elabo would like to facilitate the first planning steps for its customers. For that reason, popular products from our large product range are made available on the platform. For detailed planning, for example of what electronic plug-in units to use, please get in touch with our consultants.