Hygienic column as a thank you for trusting cooperation
Handover of the hygienic column as a thank you for many years of cooperation – from left to right Michael Fichtbauer (LebensWerkstatt Crailsheim) and Timo Henkelmann (ELABO GmbH) | Picture credits: ELABO GmbH

Hygienic column as a thank you for trusting cooperation

Timo Henkelmann (ELABO GmbH) hands over a hygienic column to LebensWerkstatt in Crailsheim

The employees of the LebensWerkstatt für Menschen mit Behinderung e. V. produce, among other things, cable harnesses and assembly kits for ELABO GmbH. ELABO has now donated a hygiene column as a thank you for the trusting cooperation and as support in the Corona crisis. This will from now on replace the provisional disinfection station at the entrance to the workshop.
The ELABO hygienic solutions were developed at short notice in the context of the Corona pandemic in order to protect employees and customers from the spread of the virus. In the meantime, ELABO is successfully selling them to companies and organisations across all sectors.

Timo Henkelmann, who together with Dr. Mark Dolezal has been the Managing Director of ELABO since July, personally handed over the hygienic column on Wednesday, 15 July. On this occasion, Mr. Fichtbauer, site manager of the LebensWerkstatt in Crailsheim, gave him a tour of the workshop. Henkelmann was impressed by the wide range of working areas and the inclusion efforts of the facility.

The LebenWerkstatt is also currently facing the great challenge of consistently implementing its hygiene concept. With great certainty, attention is being paid to ensuring the necessary hygiene throughout the entire facility - from now on supported by the ELABO hygienic column.